(MSc) degree in physics and the Dr.techn. Ratto, M. Cauduro, S. Ferraris, N. Berni, F. Ponziani, W. Wagner, T. Melzer: W. Dorigo, A. Xaver, M. Vreugdenhil, A. Gruber, A. Hegyiová, A. Sanchis-Dufau, D. Zamojski, C. Cordes, W. Wagner, M. Drusch: C. Draper, R. Reichle, R. De Jeu, V. Naeimi, R. Parinussa, W. Wagner: A. Gruber, W. Dorigo, S. Zwieback, A. Xaver, W. Wagner: R. Hollmann, C. J. (MSc) degree in physics and the Dr.techn. View the profiles of people named Wolfgang Wagner. wolfgang@steadicam.one +43 660 7634350. A comparison with in situ observed soil moisture in an assimilation application, On the potential of MetOp ASCAT-derived soil wetness indices as a new aperture for hydrological monitoring and prediction: a field evaluation over Luxembourg, ASCAT Surface State Flag (SSF): Extracting information on surface freeze/thaw conditions from backscatter data using an empirical threshold-analysis algorithm, Comparing soil moisture retrievals from SMOS and ASCAT over France, Development of a Global Backscatter Model in support to the Sentinel-1 mission design, Neue Satellitenmissionen zur globalen Beobachtung der Bodenfeuchtigkeit, Probabilistic fusion of Ku- and C-band scatterometer data for determining the freeze/thaw state, Structural and statistical properties of the collocation technique for error characterization, A New International Network for in Situ Soil Moisture Data, The International Soil Moisture Network: a data hosting facility for global in situ soil moisture measurements, Assimilation of ASCAT near-surface soil moisture into the SIM hydrological model over France, Roughness Mapping on Various Vertical Scales Based on Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data, Observing and modeling the catchment scale water cycle, Developing an improved soil moisture dataset by blending passive and active microwave satellite-based retrievals, Error Estimates for Near-Real-Time Satellite Soil Moisture as Derived From the Land Parameter Retrieval Model, Monitoring freeze/thaw cycles using ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode, Taking Responsibility on Publishing the Controversial Paper "On the Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks from Variations in Earth´s Radiant Energy Balance" by Spencer and Braswell, Cross-evaluation of modelled and remotely sensed surface soil moisture with in-situ data in southwestern France, Soil moisture dynamics from Synthetic Aperture Radar for Hydrometeorological Applications in the Southern African Development Community, Improving runoff prediction through the assimilation of the ASCAT soil moisture product, The impact of radar incidence angle on soil moisture retrieval skill, An application-oriented automated approach for co-registration of forest inventory and airborne laser scanning data, Error characterisation of global active and passive microwave soil moisture data sets, WACMOS - A Water Cycle Multimission Observation Strategy, Soil moisture active and passive microwave products: intercomparison and evaluation over a Sahelian site, Comparison of four global FAPAR datasets over Northern Eurasia for the year 2000, Preface "Advances in land surface hydrological processes-field observations, modeling and data assimilation", Remotely sensed soil moisture integration in an ecosystem carbon flux model. This list recognizes world-class researchers selected for their exceptional research performance, demonstrated by production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science. Van Dijk: L. Brocca, F. Melone, T. Moramarco, D. Penna, M. Borga, P. Matgen, A. Gumuzzio, J. Martínez-Fernández, W. Wagner: L. Brocca, T. Moramarco, F. Melone, W. Wagner: L. Brocca, A. Tarpanelli, T. Moramarco, F. Melone, S.M. Merchant, F. Paul, T. Popp, M. Ablain, S. Bontemps, P. Defourny, R. Hollmann, T. Lavergne, A. Laeng, G. de Leeuw, J. Mittaz, C. Poulsen, A. Povey, M. Reuter, S. Sathyendranath, S. Sandven, V. Sofieva, W. Wagner: M. Milenkovic, W. Wagner, R. Quast, M. Hollaus, C. Ressl, N. Pfeifer: K. Miyaoka, A. Gruber, F. Ticconi, S. Hahn, W. Wagner, J. Figa-Saldaña, C. Anderson: L. Piermattei, M. Hollaus, M. Milenkovic, N. Pfeifer, R. Quast, Y. Chen, T. Hakala, M. Karjalainen, J. Hyyppä, W. Wagner: A. Stoffelen, S. Aaboe, J.C. Calvet, J. Detection of permanent open water surfaces in central Siberia with ENVISAT ASAR wide swath data with special emphasis on the estimation of methane fluxes from tundra wetlands. c/o 403, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8, 1040 Wien, Österreich Phone: +43 1 58801 12225 Call Wolfgang Wagner Send email to Wolfgang Wagner Send email List of Publications of Wolfgang S.M. Since 2020: Dr. Wolfgang Wagner ... Matomo TU Wien nmstat Is used to record the behaviour on the website. Does ASCAT observe the spring reactivation in temperate deciduous broadleaf forests? Zurück Comparison of 2 approaches for freeze/thaw detection from ASCAT data. (PhD) degree in remote sensing, both with excellence, from the Vienna University of Technology. DEPARTMENT OF GEODESY AND GEOINFORMATION MICROWAVE REMOTE SENSING Anmelden Toggle navigation ↑ Department Home; Home; Research; Software & Tools; Publications; Projects; News; Our Team; Contact; News Archive. TU WIEN. The spatial implication, Radiometric calibration of small-footprint airborne laser scanner measurements: Basic physical concepts, Relationship between soil moisture and vegetation in the Kairouan plain region of Tunisia using low spatial resolution satellite data, Integrating Earth Observation and GIScience for high resolution spatial and functional modeling of urban land use, Global monitoring of wetlands e the value of ENVISAT ASAR Global mode, Global Soil Moisture Patterns Observed by Space Borne Microwave Radiometers and Scatterometers, Enhanced Automated Canopy Characterization from Hyperspectral Data by a Novel Two Step Radiative Transfer Model Inversion Approach, Bodenfeuchtedaten aus Fernerkundung für hydrologische Anwendungen, Operational wide-area stem volume estimation based on airborne laser scanning and national forest inventory data, Growing stock estimation for alpine forests in Austria: a robust lidar-based approach, El Niño influences represented in ERS Scatterometer derived soil moisture data, Satellite-based terrestrial production efficiency modeling, ASCAT Soil Moisture: An Assessment of the Data Quality and Consistency with the ERS Scatterometer Heritage, An improved soil moisture retrieval algorithm for ERS and METOP scatterometer observations, Using ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode Data for Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Over Oklahoma, USA, An intercomparison of ERS-Scat and AMSRE soil moisture observations with model simulations over France, A Better Understanding of Our Earth through Remote Sensing, Regularizing method for the determination of the backscatter cross section in lidar data. Wolfgang Wagner, né le 30 août 1919 à Bayreuth et mort le 21 mars 2010 dans la même ville, est un metteur en scène allemand, directeur du Festival de Bayreuth de 1966 à 2008. Soil moisture assimilation into rainfall-runoff modelling: which is the impact of the model structure on runoff predictions? Das Video läßt sich herunterladen und mit einer beliebigen Software abspielen! It maintains a rapid editorial procedure and a rigorous peer-review system. Chem. degree in remote sensing from TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, in 1995 and 1999, respectively. MICROWAVE REMOTE SENSING. Yateley. Watch the video here! (MSc) degree in physics and his Dr.techn. (erschienen in der Printausgabe der Tageszeitung "der Standard" am 7. The main research interests of Wolfgang Wagner lie in physical modelling and geophysical parameter retrieval from remote sensing data. Merchant, R. Saunders, C. Downy, M. Buchwitz, A. Cazenave, E. Chuvieco, P. Defourny, G. de Leeuw, R. Forsberg, T. Holzer-Popp, F. Paul, S. 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Mistelbauer, S. Modanesi, L. Ciabatta, C. Massari, L. Brocca, W. Wagner: L. Ciabatta, C. Massari, L. Brocca, A. Gruber, C. Reimer, S. Hahn, C. Paulik, W. Dorigo, R. Kidd, W. Wagner: W. Dorigo, T. Scanlon, A. Gruber, R. van der Schalie, C. Reimer, S. Hahn, C. Paulik, W. Wagner, R. De Jeu: A. Dostálová, W. Wagner, M. Milenkovic, M. Hollaus: M. Enenkel, C. Farah, C. Hain, A. Wolfgang Wagner received the Dipl.-Ing. Sang, L. Ciabatta, D. Ryu, W. Wagner: M. McCabe, M. Rodell, D. Alsdorf, D. Miralles, R. Uijlenhoet, W. Wagner, A. Lucieer, R. Houborg, N. Verhoest, T. Franz, J. Shi, H. Gao, E. Wood: C. J. From 1999 to 2001 he worked with the German Aerospace Agency (DLR), first as a project assistant at the Institute of High Frequency Technology and later as the head of the SAR Applications team at the German Remote Sensing Data Centre. Wolfgang Wagner was interviewed in the Ö1 radio programme "Punkt ein" on Tuesday, 12 May 2020, 13:00. Identification of Active Gully Erosion Sites in the Loess Plateau of China Using MF-DFA, Global scale error assessments of soil moisture estimates from microwave-based active and passive satellites and land surface models over forest and mixed irrigated/dryland agriculture regions, Regional features of topographic relief over the Loess Plateau, China: evidence from ensemble empirical mode decomposition, Explaining Anomalies in SAR and Scatterometer Soil Moisture Retrievals From Dry Soils With Subsurface Scattering. Prof. Wagner is professor for remote sensing at TU Wien and has been the head of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation since October 2012. © Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, Vienna University of Technology, 2012, Assessing Vegetation Dynamics over Australia with Metop ASCAT. Cotton, G. De Chiara, J. Figa-Saldaña, A. Mouche, M. Portabella, K. Scipal, W. Wagner: M. Vreugdenhil, S. Hahn, T. Melzer, B. Bauer-Marschallinger, C. Reimer, W. Dorigo, W. 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